Thursday, May 26, 2011

dun duh....

And another cute creature sneaks its way into your hearts

Ah yes, I remember you all! I alas have been quite busy these past few months what with finding a good paying job, getting an apt, and moving into said apt with my loving snugglily one <3

And after just getting home from my sister's graduation from Hamilton College (GRATZIE) I have come to the realization that I let a lot slip through my fingers these past few months, while I was really only trying to get everything under control. A lot was flying out of control in my life, as many of you know often does. And I've come to the conclusion that even if I want to so desperately to try and fix things that fell and broke, even if I had nothing to do with it... Its not always doable and i need to pick my battles.  After making that choice I have become much stronger, and much more self confident in myself and my abilities. I'm not perfect or where I need to be by any means, but I'm almost there.

I'm finally on a preventative for my debilitating migraines... strangely enough its an anti seizure medication O_o but its helping... I still have at least 1-3 days out of the month where I have to take heavy duty meds to survive, but its better then being in pain 75% of the month or drugged most of it.

I've started working on my art again. I was doing work for a friend (GrimPandaGames) a while back, but there was some falling out there, loss of communication along the way, one that I think isn't fixable. Which is fine, I hope they are doing well, and if we are able to work together again that would be grand, otherwise I will be pursuing my own work. As my family knows I have my newest creations, whose grouped name is based on this blog. I will be pursuing that as my own little project ^_^ if the website isnt being crabby, you can check out the page at . Its only one image atm, but I will be working to finish it with in 2-3 weeks, and then updating it weekly.

That my update for the moment. With the apt move slowing down, bills to be paid next week, jobs to apply for (always) art to produce and a sewing machine to beat, I will continue to keep myself busy around here, but will be updating this blog with images of whats going on and such ^_^

Thank you for staying loyal, you are very much loved by this starting lost artist


Monday, April 4, 2011

Piggies to come

During this long break of trying to sort out things, I have a few doodles that came to be that required to be shared with the public. So for the next week or so while I tie up a few things, these little guys will become one with this blog. which is fine as all creatures of habit are welcome here!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Under the weather

Just a quick update, no art today, and possibly not for a little while... been under the weather for a while, whatever is ailing me just wont quit and gets worse... its basically to the point that if I take anymore nyquil i run the risk of really hurting myself, instead of getting better... so for a while the art here will dwindle, but I will be back, stronger and faster then ever!

We all need to take a medical leave when it gets really bad yea? <3 heres mine, just for a short bit ^_^

Lots of Love

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He flips his goods for you...

Click on me to see some hot baking!

Base look at Chef Baquer doing what he does best! making a chocolate chip pancake!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Honor of Baking and Sweet Freaks, Meet....

Chef Baquer
Our honorable Hero in the newest game coming out of Grim Panda! Chef just wants to keep baking his beautiful cakes and creations, but the dastardly monsters of the lands all want a free bite! Whats a baker to do??

One of many BGs in this amazing new game

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Ah yes, even with all the work going on, applications and waiting for calls, we all stop to remember how much we love the person sharing our beds.

My lovable man did the best thing ever... Bought me my fav dinner foods, and brought up a pizza box.... Holding this pizza box I knew immediately that there was something off.... a lack of pizza smell, and it wasn't hot....

Opened it up to reveal the most beautiful/tasty thing ever...

Needless to say I am now in a chocolate chip cookie coma, and will resume work like activities tomorrow morning.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

What follows is the new icons on our website that I made to replace some of the other ones we had. They didn't feel anda'ie enough ^__^ so here are their replacements <3

Grim Team-Panda



 And as always you can check out Grim Panda at our website... and with that and my lungs fleeing my chest, I bid you good night! <3